9 Online Best practices for Fundraising for Nonprofits

If you want to raise more money and build a stronger relationship with your donors, then there are several online fundraising best practices that you should follow. These are proven to increase donations, improve donor retention rates, and help you reach your fundraising goals.

1. Target Your Audience for Better Donor Engagement

Before you start your next online fundraiser, make sure to research your audience and determine which demographics you want to attract. This will give you an idea of what types of messaging and content you should include in your online campaigns. It will also help you identify your most passionate supporters and motivate them to give more to your cause.

2. Create Quality Content for Online Donors

Including relevant and helpful information on your nonprofit website will keep visitors engaged and increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Be sure to optimize your web copy and blog posts for keywords relevant to your organization’s mission.

3. Add Video to Your Marketing Plan

Videos can be a great way to engage supporters and raise funds through your online marketing efforts. They allow your audience to visualize your work and encourage them to take action. A recent study found that 57% of donors who watched a fundraising video donated afterward.

4. Use Customized Emails for Your Donor Segments

E-blast software like Keela CRM lets you send customized email messages to specific donor segments. You can personalize the message by including their first name, last name, and donation amount. It can also be used to promote events and other fundraisers.

5. Keep Your Donation Forms & Website Mobile Friendly

Nonprofit websites that are easy to navigate on mobile devices will receive more donations than those that aren’t. Embedding your nonprofit’s donation form on the page can ensure that your donors don’t have to leave your site to donate.

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6. Track Your Donation Page Conversion Rate

Keeping your nonprofit’s donation page conversion rate high is crucial for boosting donations and improving overall fundraising performance. You can track this metric by tracking how many people navigate away from your donation form before making a donation and then compare it to your donation form’s average donation rate.

7. Use Tailored Storytelling for Your Supporters

A personalized approach to your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns will engage more donors and raise more funds than a generic one-size-fits-all campaign. Be sure to take the time to research your supporter’s preferences, such as which communication platform they prefer or which events they frequent.

8. Provide an Opportunity for Donor Feedback

Donors often appreciate being able to share their opinions about your organization. Aside from asking them during an event, other ways exist to solicit feedback, such as online surveys and phone calls.

9. Offer a Recurring Donation Program for Your Major Donors

Recurring donations are an excellent way to keep your major donors committed to your mission. Recurring donor programs can be easily implemented on your nonprofit’s website and in mailed marketing materials. Recurring donor programs can also increase retention rates by encouraging donors to stay involved with your organization for a long period of time.

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